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The Manson Murders

42m | 2013 | TV-14 V,D | CCInvestigation, Famous Cases

In 1969, Hollywood was at the center of a brutal and sadistic killing spree. Charles Manson and his cult of followers began a prolific reign of terror on Tinsel Town, when they viciously killed more than half a dozen innocent people. Today, the sites of these horrific murders are host to claims of the paranormal. The restless spirit of Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate, are believed to haunt a house on Cielo Drive. Not far from the house is another famous Hollywood home, where Sharon Tate is believed to have witnessed a premonition of her own death. And at the Manson Family hideout, an apparition of a headless Donald "Shorty" Shea is seen standing on a rocky ledge. Decades after the senseless killings, these locations are still plagued by these paranormal events.